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Related Posts for WordPress

Create an effective system of related content; this plugin will let you manually select related posts, and turn your blog into an extended network of intertwined information. Selecting related posts is fully integrated, which makes it very easy to adopt it in your publishing workflow.

Current stable version: 4.0 | download the Related Posts for WordPress plugin

Permalinks Moved Permanently

After changing your WordPress permalink structure, this plugin will automatically redirect visitors and search engines to the new locations using a 301 redirect. It will save the traffic and Google love you have been working for so long.

Current stable version: 1.3 | download the Permalinks Moved Permanently plugin

Improved Meta Description Snippets

Automatically create effective meta descriptions following Google’s directions as described in this article on the Official Google Webmaster Blog.

Current stable version: 0.1 | download the Improved Meta Description Snippets plugin

Author Slug

Create custom permalinks for author pages.

Current stable version: 2.0 | download the Author Slug plugin

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