Perfect Pitch

Pitch not so perfectAppearently Google excludes you from their index when a bogus DMCA complaint is filed. Check out this story about how some commercial party had Google remove a perfectly genuine discussion because they ranked higher. Perfect Pitch.

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking about training your ears, just play more often. There is no shortcut. Besides, people I know who have perfect pitch aren’t always happy with it…

WordPress Plugin: Improved Meta Description Snippets

Installing PHP GD support on OS XAfter reading this article on the Official Google Webmaster Blog, I was trying to find a way for WordPress to automatically create effective meta descriptions following Google’s directions.

So I wrote this plugin that generates meta descriptions in this structure:

<meta name=”description” content=”Author: (author) | Categories: (categories) | Posted: (postdate) | Tags: (tags) | Comments (number of comments)” />

In the option panel you can choose which properties of the article you would like to include: author, categories, post date, number of comments and tags. You can also choose the devider you wish to use betwen the properties.

Tags is especially one you might want to consider leaving out because they might be already in you meta keywords.

This plugin is still in BETA and I don’t know wether it actually is an improvement on the attractiveness of your snippets. So please let me know what your ideas and experiences are!

Download the plugin here.

Installation: just drop it in your /wp-content/plugins folder and activate through the admin plugin interface. You can configure it through Options > Impr. Meta Descr. Snippets.

I have so far tested this plugin for compatibility with these other plugins:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior – If you are using WP 2.3+ with native tag support my plugin will use those tags, if you have a lower version and UTW installed it will use those.
  • All in One SEO Pack – Make sure you switch of the “Autogenerate descriptions” option for this plugin or you will have two meta descriptions in your page, which can’t be good!
  • TDO Mini Forms – My plugin will grab the author of the article when it’s been submitted through this plugin.

Ideas for future versions:

  • Meta descriptions for pages
  • Perhaps meta descriptions for the homepage and archive pages as well
  • Better language support

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