11 Great User Interface Design Resources

11 great user interface design resources for you to chew onStruggling with a complicated user interface problem? Looking for a way out of the box? Or are you just trying to expand your horizon?

Here’s a couple of resources that should provide you with enough to chew on for at least the first half of 2008. — Read on

Hilarious Comments on the Amazon Kindle “Design”

Here’s a couple of great comments on the Amazon kindle (handpicked from engadget.com), which is aggressively aiming at the price for least attractive gadget design ever.

Amazon Kindle

“Its like a bad vision of the future from the 60′s”

“I predict this device will have a great future as a doorstop.”

“This thing looks like its from the 80′s and should have Texas Instruments on it.”

“Does it come with a deal on a dot matrix printer?”

“Buck Rogers called; he wants his book back.”

“It looks like something my high schools science lab would have owned about fifteen years ago.”

“Yeah, yeah thats all well and good, but the real question here is will it blend?”

“You would have to be a real asshole to make something that ugly.”

“Why does the ebook reader need speakers?”

“Now Soviet design clearly had some higher points than that…”

“That is fugly. I like the idea but I’m not getting THAT.”

“Wow, the design actually looks *better* on the inside!”

“But will it play Doom?”

“Definitely not a device to show off or to pickup chicks with.”

“The design team that came up with the 1970′s Atari/Radio Shack computer look should be shown the door.”

“It is truly butt ugly. wow. ugly.”

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