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Adobe’s Buzzword

Adobe’s BuzzwordAnd then suddenly Adobe takes the online office thing to a whole new level: Buzzword; a flash based online word processor.

11 Great User Interface Design Resources

11 great user interface design resources for you to chew onStruggling with a complicated user interface problem? Looking for a way out of the box? Or are you just trying to expand your horizon?

Here’s a couple of resources that should provide you with enough to chew on for at least the first half of 2008. — Read on

A swell introduction to microformats

Check out this presentation on microformats. This little technique might look obvious to some, but it’s a good step towards a more open, less browser based web.This presentation is very useful if you want to learn what microformats really are about, and how they can be used. Mainly because the microformats homepage seems to talk mostly about how fabulous the people running it are.

53 common CSS solutions

Smashing magazine brings us a listing of 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without. I’m sure one would be perfectly able to live a good and healthy live without it, but it does speed some things up.

Better forms, less space’s senior web developer Mike Brittain’s article at A List Apart describes a very nifty way of creating compact HTML forms while keeping your XHTML semantic. Forms can be quite tricky, so this is a very welcome solution.

New Yahoo mail web interface

The people at Yahoo have developed a new interface for their webmail client. Well, actually it seems a lot like they took laszlomail, restyled it to look like Outlook and launched it as their own “revolutionary” product. So interface-wise it’s definitely nothing groundbreaking, but seeing a big player like Yahoo getting into stuff like this definitely shows how web 2.0 is taking over. Considering the amounts and variety of people that use Yahoo mail, for many this will be the first contact with the interface conventions of the future.

Who knows; perhaps some day this “internet” might just turn out to be useful after all.

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