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Nifty Design Solutions: Flash Headlines

Nifty Design Solutions: Flash HeadlinesWelcome to the firstĀ episodeĀ of the Nifty Design Solutions series. In each episode I will take on a certain (interaction) design problem, and try to gather a series of solutions. Some of them might be ingenious, some of them might be pure eye candy, but they will always be nifty.

Todays episode: Flash Headlines.

Lately this concept has been emerging as a solution for presenting headlines as an attractive rich media experience. It is mostly used by sites whose main focus is news or entertainment, although other branches are catching on quickly. Large visuals, semi-transparent sections, animation, video and audio are combined into an appealing impression of what the site has to offer, with the nice side effect of creating the feel of being a good quality content website. — Read on

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Microkid is an Amsterdam based independent new media concept developer. This website is mainly about changes in technologies and culture, but also shares some hands on development tips.

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