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iPhone bashing is hip

iPhone Bashing is hipSince everyone is now talking about how revolutionary the iPhone is, and how it has revived the mobile phone market in terms of quality products, bloggers, reviewers and so called ‘analists’ have to find a new way to stand out of the crowd. Suddenly it’s hip to hate the iPhone.

But how do you come up with arguments to bash a product that even your mom recognizes as being superior? — Read on

OpenMoko: open source mobile phone operating system

OpenMoko: open source mobile phone operating systemOpenMoko is cool; it’s an open source mobile (smart)phone operating system based on Linux.

Phone manufacturers seem to be having a lot of trouble creating good operating systems. I’ve actually never seen one that came up with a decent ‘usable’ interface, let alone one that looked good as well. Well, apart from the iPhone of course, but as always Apple is playing solo in a whole different league.

So the OpenMoko project seems a prophecy for a better world. After more then 15 years of worldwide mobile telecomunication, phone companies are finally forced into focusing more on the quality of their product instead of just their marketing strategies. — Read on

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