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A Visual Approach to Web Usability

A Visual Approach to Web UsabilityIt seems like I finally found someone who takes the concept of usability further then “your HTML has to be valid”. I’ve been looking for a book that studies interface design from a more visual scientific angle instead of the super obvious way pretty much all self appointed “usability experts” tell me to. Really, I’m getting more and more bored by all these “guru’s” who think they’re special because they know what HTML is and all the international €3000 conventions and work-shops about whether you should underline your links or not. — Read on

Bulletproof book titles

This February Jeremy Keith will publish his new book Bulletproof Ajax.

This book has everything you need to get started with bulletproof Ajax. You’ll find solutions to the challenges Ajax poses, illustrated with working examples. More importantly, you’ll find explanations for the concepts and answers to the questions surrounding Ajax. So don’t think of this as a programming book even, though you’ll find plenty of code within. Instead, think of this as a guidebook to help you chart the unknown territory of using Ajax.

Perhaps when I’m done struggling with my last bought nerd novel (in which the main character John Resig turns out to be a better programmer than writer) I’ll look into purchasing it. Hell – if there’s nothing useful in it, at least the title “Bulletproof Ajax” will look mighty impressive to my clients on that shelf above my desk. And it will sit there until Web 3.0.

Pro Javascript Techniques

Today I recieved John Resig’s book “Pro JavaScript Techniques” in the mail. I ordered it after reading the review at Digital Web Magazine. It seems like a good way of filling in those couple blank spots I have in my Javascript knowledge, and perhaps make my code better re-usable. While reading the article I also ran into Jquery, one of John’s projects. It’s a pretty cool javascript library with some nice short-hand techniques, definitely worth checking out more thoroughly sometime soon; if I ever get the time.

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