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Perfect Pitch

Pitch not so perfectAppearently Google excludes you from their index when a bogus DMCA complaint is filed. Check out this story about how some commercial party had Google remove a perfectly genuine discussion because they ranked higher. Perfect Pitch.

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking about training your ears, just play more often. There is no shortcut. Besides, people I know who have perfect pitch aren’t always happy with it…

John Mayers new Augmented Reality site

goedkoop-gitaren-kopenSome awesome stuff over at; for Johns new album a flash site was created using your webcam to create an experience of augmented reality. With mobile devices getting more and more advanced, chances are we’ll be seeing more of this great technology.

Although I’m a big JM fan, I’m not sure what to think of the song. The solo however shows once again that John is a true guitar god.

Photography by Ahmet Polat

The Dutch/Turkish photographer Ahmet Polat is sharing some of his beautiful pictures on his website. His work shows some amazing compositions, and creates an interesting viewport to diversity and human relations.

In 2006 Ahmet won the ICP Young Photographer Infinity Award.

Super Mario

Super Mario World

This and many other great drawings by Mike Mitchell. Be sure to check out his buddies through his link section for more cool art.

The Big Picture: A Royal Farewell in Bali

Some magnificent images at The Big Picture of a royal Balinese funeral, at which Agung Suyasa, head of the royal family of Ubud, was cremated. This huge bull is used as the sarcophagus.

Firm believers in reincarnation, a funeral to the Balinese is not a time for mourning, but for celebrating the fact that the deceased soul is finally freed.

Free or not, that is one impressive bull.

Ugliest Mac Wallpapers Ever

Ugliest Mac Wallpapers EverApple has been a brand associated with class and design for a long time. For decades, luxurious Macs have been the weapon of choice for creatives, designers, musicians, visual artists – the hip, the fashionable, the famous. The slick designs of Mac computers are still winning award after award, and they are famous for their ingenious OS X, which is praised for its great user interface design and user friendliness.

In comes Endless series of the ugliest wallpapers you have ever seen. Prepare to be confronted with the most disgusting “designs” ever, coming from a completely unexpected direction. Wallpapers so ugly, that it shakes the entire Mac brand. This is not just disturbing, it’s insulting. If you ever thought of Mac users as elitists, you were right, and this is why.

From a bright sight, revolting as it may be for some, this might just be one of the richest sources for post modern art and subjectivism you will ever encounter. Hooray for post modernism.

Impressive 3D work by Khalid Al-Muharraqi

Muharraqi studios, founded by Bahrain based 3D artist Khalid Al-Muharraqi, have an amazing gallery. Khalid’s father Abdulla is one of the most famous artists in the Kingdom of Bahrain. His paintings are equally impressive.

Interesting how father and son, although using different tools and platforms, share a lot of themes in their work.

Hilarious Comments on the Amazon Kindle “Design”

Here’s a couple of great comments on the Amazon kindle (handpicked from, which is aggressively aiming at the price for least attractive gadget design ever.

Amazon Kindle

“Its like a bad vision of the future from the 60′s”

“I predict this device will have a great future as a doorstop.”

“This thing looks like its from the 80′s and should have Texas Instruments on it.”

“Does it come with a deal on a dot matrix printer?”

“Buck Rogers called; he wants his book back.”

“It looks like something my high schools science lab would have owned about fifteen years ago.”

“Yeah, yeah thats all well and good, but the real question here is will it blend?”

“You would have to be a real asshole to make something that ugly.”

“Why does the ebook reader need speakers?”

“Now Soviet design clearly had some higher points than that…”

“That is fugly. I like the idea but I’m not getting THAT.”

“Wow, the design actually looks *better* on the inside!”

“But will it play Doom?”

“Definitely not a device to show off or to pickup chicks with.”

“The design team that came up with the 1970′s Atari/Radio Shack computer look should be shown the door.”

“It is truly butt ugly. wow. ugly.”

Sony Rolly indicates a new era

Sony Rolly Check out the mysterious Sony Rolly. It’s a mediaplayer with a little extra. Supposedly it has no screen and only one knob to control it. Nobody’s really sure what it does as of yet, but it looks like a lot of fun. Click the picture to get a larger view.

Sony comes up with this totally new kind of product, that brings us entertainment in the shape of music in a totally new way. So what does this tell us? — Read on

The Control Panel Pool

InterfaceNext time you’re lacking ideas when designing a web interface, go to this flickr pool of oldskool control panels to get inspired. Here’s a couple of my favorites: The inevitable classic 64, Rotate, Thrust, Fire, Calculator Cream, Moogalicious.

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