A Visual Approach to Web Usability

A Visual Approach to Web UsabilityIt seems like I finally found someone who takes the concept of usability further then “your HTML has to be valid”. I’ve been looking for a book that studies interface design from a more visual scientific angle instead of the super obvious way pretty much all self appointed “usability experts” tell me to. Really, I’m getting more and more bored by all these “guru’s” who think they’re special because they know what HTML is and all the international €3000 conventions and work-shops about whether you should underline your links or not.

Although Web usability has received a lot of attention lately, the focus has primarily been on issues concerning content delivery from a “technical” standpoint. Web usability experts discourage the use of frames, non-standard Web interactions, and anything else that hinders content delivery. Yet, these same experts do not highlight the importance of visual principles for content delivery, interpretation, and presentation.

I very much agree on this, so I figured I’d buy this guys book, to see what he has to say.

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10 July, 2007
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