Related Posts for WordPress version 4.0

I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update for a long time, so sorry that it took me a while.. but I’m pretty sure the new features I have added will make up for it!

Added support for thumbnails

By very popular demand, you can now switch on an option on the plugin’s settings page to display the build-in thumbnails with your related posts. You can also select the size of the plugins displayed, depending on what sizes your theme supports.

Added support for manually ordering related posts

Thanks to the contribution of a friendly user (if your reading this: please contact me because I lost your contact details a while ago) you can now manually arrange the order in which related posts are displayed. This was very frequently asked for, so I’m very happy to release this.

Fixed bug in widget that broke the theme’s widget container and title HTML

The HTML for the container of a the Related Posts widget didn’t completely fit the standards, causing the widget to break in some themes. This has been fixed in version 4.0

Added a better way of implementing the AJAX search

I have implemented a new way in which the AJAX search works in the Related Posts box on the post edit screen. This should fix problems people were having when their wp-config.php file was placed outside the web root.

Added a default CSS file for basic styling

With the new feature of displaying thumbnails, I thought it’d be a good idea to add some basic CSS styles that are loaded automatically with your theme. But don’t worry, if you are one of those people who hates extra server requests: this can easily be switched off through the plugin’s settings page.

Improved the layout of the Related Posts box on the post edit page

I’ve revamped the Related Posts box a little, to fit the current WordPress admin design a little better, and to make it even more user friendly.

Have fun!

I really hope you guys like all the new features. Please let me know in the comments below if you run in any trouble.

Don’t forget to rate the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. And of course, any donations for my work are highly appreciated! (see the PayPal box on the right of this page)


Testers needed for Microkids Related Posts WordPress plugin

I have been working hard on a version 4.0 of my Related Posts plugin. I could use some help on the testing of the new version before properly releasing it. If you are interested in assisting me, please drop me a line.

New features include:

• Manual sorting (hooray!)
• Fixed dependancy of inclusion of wp-config.php, so those of you that store it outside the web root will now be able to use the plugin as well.
• Fixed widget so titles fit standards (doh!)

Microkids Related Posts version 3.0.1

Version 3.0.1 fixes an HTML bug that would occur if there are no related posts and the “when there are no related posts display this text” option was selected.

Microkids Related Posts version 3.0

Related contentHooray! I have finally found the time to add some long awaited new features to my related posts plugin. I have listened carefully to your feedback and I know lots of you will be very happy with this great set  of improvements. — Read on

Related posts version 2.5 released

Related contentVersion 2.5 of my related posts plugin for WordPress comes with the following changes. — Read on

Perfect Pitch

Pitch not so perfectAppearently Google excludes you from their index when a bogus DMCA complaint is filed. Check out this story about how some commercial party had Google remove a perfectly genuine discussion because they ranked higher. Perfect Pitch.

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking about training your ears, just play more often. There is no shortcut. Besides, people I know who have perfect pitch aren’t always happy with it…

John Mayers new Augmented Reality site

goedkoop-gitaren-kopenSome awesome stuff over at; for Johns new album a flash site was created using your webcam to create an experience of augmented reality. With mobile devices getting more and more advanced, chances are we’ll be seeing more of this great technology.

Although I’m a big JM fan, I’m not sure what to think of the song. The solo however shows once again that John is a true guitar god.

Making Microkids Related Posts work with qTranslate

Masino Sinaga over at has written a comprehensive explanation on how to edit version 2.4 of my Related Posts plugin to make it compatible with qTranslate v2.4.3.

Thanks for sharing Masino!

Related Posts version 2.4 released

wordpress-related-postsI hope to have included another bunch of features users have been asking for.

You can now add drafts and planned posts as related posts, without them appearing on your site before they are properly published.

Added shortcode support – you can now place the

[ related-posts ]

shortcode within the content of your post to display the related posts anywhere you want.

(For advanced users) Added a parameter to the MRP_get_related_posts function to optionally get the related posts in an object, so you can easily use it in other plugins or your own custom way of displaying the list of related posts. For documentation on this, see  the API section.

And of course let me know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions for future updates.

Dutch translation Register Plus WordPress Plugin

vlag3I needed a Dutch translation (Nederlandse vertaling) file for the magnificent Register Plus plugin. Since there wasn’t one available, I’ve created one.

Download and unzip, and drop both files in the /wp-content/plugins/register-plus/ folder. Note that it will only work if you have the global language for WordPress set to Dutch in your wp-config.php file.

About Microkid

Microkid is an Amsterdam based independent new media concept developer. This website is mainly about changes in technologies and culture, but also shares some hands on development tips.

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